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  • Forex leads – UK and International FX and Binary Leads

    We’re continually adding sources to our network to generate high quality Forex, FX and Binary leads, with new publishers coming on board on a regular basis, driving Forex leads and traffic through the Oxegen network. With over 90 sites contributing to our Forex leads network, along with several high-quality, tested EDM email sources, it’s no […]

  • Are you looking for more Forex / FX Leads?

    As part of the various lead generation campaigns for Forex / FX, Futures and Spread Betting that we work with, we frequently come across campaigns that could be performing more strongly. Often, marketeers will come to us with offers that require a fair degree of work before they will pull and generate leads as well […]

  • Email Marketing 101 for Financial Marketeers

    With email marketing, deliverability is at least 50% of the job. After all, it matters not one iota what you write if nobody gets to read it. Now, I’m not talking just about getting past spam filters, although that is a job in itself, and if we knew how to do that all the time, […]

  • New FX publisher

    This week, Oxegen Media is pleased to announce a partnership with www.fxbootcamp.com as sole representative of their adverising space, financial email marketing list and webinar promotions. FXBootCamp has almost 1m pageviews per month, creating over 300,000 unique visitors per month, with over 60% of visits coming from the USA. Contact us to find out more […]