Forex Advertising

Forex Advertising

Oxegen Media has been in the Forex / FX Advertising space for nearly ten years.

Forex advertising has changed a lot in that time, due to new methods that have become available for Forex brokers to advertise. Typically for an FX broker we have a few options, such as our highly effective behavioral advertising solutions, CPL – utilizing such lead-generation opportunities as SmartPhones, Webinars and Video Educational Content – and CPM, using traditional display advertising mixed with YouTube Video Pre-Roll and more.

Our basic models are currently:

  • CPL – we do some limited work with selected sources. We do not do pre-called leads or leads that have not been extensivly tested for quality and performance
  • CPM – this is the basic model for display advertising and email marketing
  • CPC – for display and some email marketing

These methods, combined with our trusted display advertising (banner advertising) for Forex brokers, Forex email advertising lists, Video, Forex Webinars and more, produce excellent results for those looking to advertise Forex or FX related products. It’s this range of options that allows us to deliver high quality FX leads, funded accounts, and brand awareness for anyone looking for quality Forex Advertising.

We have probably seen and heard most Forex advertising models since 2004, and a lot of businesses have been and gone in that time; it is, as you will know, a rapidly evolving industry where change is constant and if you can’t bring anything different or new to the table, you’ll probably die. Forex brokers pop up and disappear all the time, particularly in the uncertain times we find ourselves in right now. The best way to stand head and shoulders above the competition is to do the things that your competitors AREN’T doing.

At a show I attended last year – the IFX Expo in London – everyone was talking about ‘the next big thing’ for Forex. But nobody is actually doing it. All the brokers copy each other. This has gone on for years, actually; back in 2005, LCG came out with Live Charts and promoted this via an email list that we operated at the time. It was the best promotion we’d done for months and yielded excellent results for Capital Spreads, who were a relative newcomer at the time. But all the other brokers immediately copied it, and hence the results went down the toilet.

Innovation is key. The days of ‘trade with us because we can offer 0.1pt tighter than the other broker’ are gone. People are tired of it. They want something new. They want innovation. They want a broker who they can rely upon, trust, keep their money safe, and do what they say they’ll do. Is that too much to ask? If you can include this message in your advertising, you’ll do well.

Talk to us today to find out more about how our Forex advertising solutions can bring you sales, accounts and generate traffic and interest for your Forex product and services. This is our business – Forex advertising is what we do.