Forex Marketing Consultant

If your Forex, Binary or Futures company is looking for an experienced Marketing Consultant, but can’t afford or want to lay out the expense for taking on a full time Marketing Director for these roles, why not consider outsourcing?

The Forex Marketing industry is notorious for having a high turnover of staff. Frequently on LinkedIn you’ll see Forex Marketing Directors, Forex Digital Display Executives changing roles from one company to another several times in the space of six or twelve months.

When you’ve spent money recruiting someone, training them up, showing them the way the industry works, it can be, as you know, somewhat frustrating to lose them to a competitor within a few months.

Outsourcing to an experienced company such as Oxegen Media allows you the flexibility to dip into our experience as and when you need, for input into marketing campaigns or as an extra set of hands when the workload jumps at particular times of year.

For more information on how this works, please drop us an email at sales(at)