Lex van Dam – Forex Training Course

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Exciting times here at Oxegen – we’re just about to launch into a new venture with the BBC’s famed Lex van Dam – remember him? A few years ago, Lex did a programme on BBC1 called “Million Dollar Traders” (see it here on YouTube) which basically took a several members of the public off the streets, gave them a million pounds of his own money to trade with, and taught them how to trade (with the help of some associates).

Lex van Dam

Now, Lex has put his five-step trading method into video format, and launched his online Trading Academy. We’ve partnered with Lex to oversee the marketing elements via our own CRM, and will shortly begin a UK-wide email and display marketing campaign targeting UK traders initially.

The course is competitively priced at £260+VAT and is available to purchase here on our affiliate site, Oxegen Evolve.