Remarketing for Forex and UK Spreadbetting

Our remarketing product, Odyssey, has been running now for over a year targeting FX / Forex traders around the globe. We also see excellent results targeting UK Spread Bet clients from this network and another premium channel that operates on the same remarketing / behavioural retargeting model.

Historically, the success of an advertiser has always been based around the product, price and promotion – but now Oxegen Media is able to add data to the mix. The data that makes up our Odyssey Network is second to none.

Oxegen is able to offer its clients access to our extensive trading and investing user bases as part of your marketing mix. We are able to reach specific user groups across the web, via our inventory source partners, and across thousands of domains. We can do this through standard IAB approved banner sizes, as well as some irregular sizes (ask for options).

Activity can be run almost anywhere, but we would strongly recommend campaigns in West and Central Europe, as we have 99.99% reach to our data, with additional very high penetration into Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

We can target by language as well as geo – across all our data – and we would always suggest giving us exclusion lists to make sure you don’t target users you don’t want. This ensures for a more focused, effective and profitable campaign all round.