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Since 2003, Oxegen Media has provided a range of FinTech marketing and advertising solutions, predominantly - but not exclusively - across retail trading verticals.

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What's your FinTech Marketing story?
This is ours.

Oxegen came into the FinTech marketing space early, back in 2003, working for a website that still exists today – Trade2Win. Since then, we have specialised solely in FinTech, working with a vast range of brokers, service providers, trading system vendors and financial startups.

When you outsource to Oxegen, you’re working directly with us; we’re a small team and always have been, consisting mostly of Matt who has run Oxegen since the start, Trevor, our SEO and design specialist, backed up by Edward who works on the print and design side. Holding up the whole puzzle (or so he likes to think, anyway) is another Matt, our resident IT geek genius.

What's our strategy?

Our strategy usually involves talking to you first to find out what you’re doing, or what you’ve done for digital marketing so far. A conversation over video, phone or ir person is the best way for us to get our marketing discovery underway, and we’ll find out what’s working, what isn’t, what your goals are, what your vision is for your FinTech. Most importantly, we’ll learn about you and you can find out what you need to about us. Broad strokes can be covered via email pre-introduction so that we can ensure we’re on the right track, because try as we might, we can’t help everybody.

Lead Generation, Display and Email for FinTech

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FinTech Specialists.

We specialise in digital marketing for FinTech, including but not solely for Spread Betting, CFDs, Futures, Tech Startups, Brokers, System Vendors. 

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