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  • More evidence that retargeting works!

    Online Buyers Notice Retargeted Ads MAJORITY NOTICE RETARGETED ADS FOR PRODUCTS THEY PREVIOUSLY LOOKED UP Online retailers are putting more dollars to retargeted ads to remind shoppers of the item they once seemed interested in buying. And there is evidence that consumers do notice these ads. Nearly three out of five US online buyers surveyed […]

  • Lex van Dam – Forex Training Course

    Exciting times here at Oxegen – we’re just about to launch into a new venture with the BBC’s famed Lex van Dam – remember him? A few years ago, Lex did a programme on BBC1 called “Million Dollar Traders” (see it here on YouTube) which basically took a several members of the public off the […]

  • Spread Bet Lead Generation

    We’ve just added a new lead generation method to our portfolio which is focused wholly on the UK spread betting industry. This methodology revolves around the model of ebook distribution, but is done in a slightly different way that we feel connects the advertiser and the lead in a more positive way. UK leads are […]

  • June News

    We have reduced the rates on some of our Lead Generation models in the last few days – contact us now to find out more about how we can help create new Forex accounts for you. Also, our Video Advertising model, built into the back of our proprietary remarketing product, is also now available, offering […]

  • IFX Expo Cyprus

    So, IFX Expo Cyprus is over for another year. Thanks to the usual excellent organisation from Forex Magnates and ConversionPros, it was a very busy IFX Expo Cyprus; this year I believe the numbers were around 1500 attendees, up from circa 900 the previous, inaugural year. If you’ve not attended IFX Expo before, it’s well […]

  • Oxegen Media May 2013 Newsletter

    Today, we pushed out our second newsletter to several hundred sources within the B2B Retail Trading Industry. This time around we’ve focused heavily on some recent display advertising innovations, such as 15-second video pre-roll, made available by our excellent proprietary Forex remarketing option, Odyssey, which takes traffic from across our network of sites and allows […]

  • IFX Expo Cyprus – May 29/30 2013

    We’ll be attending the second Cyprus IFX Expo next week in Limassol at the Grand Resort Hotel. Last year was the first year for the IFX Expo and it was a busy event, with between 800-1000 attendees from within the Forex industry. This year looks like being even busier, with an expected 1500 attendees. For […]

  • Oxegen Media April 2013 Newsletter

    Yesterday, we pushed out our first newsletter to several hundred sources within the B2B Retail Trading Industry. This newsletter focused heavily on our new publisher, FXInstructor.com (http://www.fxinstructor.com) and also two of our premium products – our behavioural retargeting / behavioural remarketing model, focused specifically on Forex and Retail Trading – and our Forex leads products, […]

  • Remarketing for Forex and UK Spreadbetting

    Our remarketing product, Odyssey, has been running now for over a year targeting FX / Forex traders around the globe. We also see excellent results targeting UK Spread Bet clients from this network and another premium channel that operates on the same remarketing / behavioural retargeting model. Historically, the success of an advertiser has always […]

  • Forex Leads – new sources

    We’ve recently added several new options to our Forex lead channels; these are proving very successful with several advertisers re-ordering within a short period of time. The two new channels are Smartphone apps and two new webform which allow us to collect data from two premium FX sites within our network. The Forex leads generated […]