Bizantine Media and Georgia Andreou


A cautionary tale, today.

Earlier this week, Oxegen Media purchased, in good faith, a number of leads from Georgia Andreou at Bizantine Media.

Fairly quickly we discovered that within the lead file were not only many duplicates, but also a significant amount of corrupt data – over 2/5ths of the data was unusable.

So, I asked Bizantine Media and Georgia Andreou for a refund, because quite honestly if our clients are unhappy with data that we’ve provided, we refund – no questions ask. I believe that is simply good business.

Bizantine Media’s response, and that of Georgia Andreou, was basically “get lost”. “We don’t do refunds”. Who doesn’t do refunds? Unless of course they’re a bunch of crooks who aren’t honest and don’t care about their reputations.

So, BIZANTINE MEDIA and Georgia Andreou – not to be trusted, I’m afraid. We are out of pocket as a result of doing business with them.