FX Leads

  • New UK Email Marketing Lists – Finance / Financial and Investing Email Marketing

    This week we’ve acquired several new data sets for UK Financial and Finance focused email marketing. Our new lists range in size from 18000 subscribers upwards and are at highly competitive prices for the UK financial email marketing sector. The lists are suitable for: UK investors High Net Worth UK portfolio holders UK retail traders […]

  • Smartphone Forex and Binary Lead Generation

    We’re about to lose the ability to generate smartphone leads, at least in the short-term. Our current provider in this regard has decided to no longer offer their platform as a solution for this, but there is an alternative provider in the works, with a very similar high-quality product. Watch this space!

  • Forex Leads

    We’re currently generating good amount of Forex leads for several forex brokers in the industry. For a while now, we’ve been at the top of the pile for FX lead generation and as a result, we’ve been able to garner several new lucrative publishers for both Forex Leads and Binary leads. The quality we’re seeing […]

  • Forex Marketing Consultant

    If your Forex, Binary or Futures company is looking for an experienced Marketing Consultant, but can’t afford or want to lay out the expense for taking on a full time Marketing Director for these roles, why not consider outsourcing? The Forex Marketing industry is notorious for having a high turnover of staff. Frequently on LinkedIn […]

  • Affiliate and Introducing Broker Requests

    We are sometimes asked if we participate in Affiliate and/or IB promotions. Generally, the answer is “No”, but we do operate some Affiliate and IB deals with select clients. It depends on the nature of the offering, and frequently we will lean towards educational offerings over traditional broker offers, but that is not exclusive. If […]

  • Fantastic New Co-Reg Capability for Lead Generation

    We’re pleased to report that our fantastic new financial co-registration software, run through a range of sites within the Oxegen portfolio, is producing high volume and high quality Forex, Futures and Binary leads each day. The number of leads that we can produce each day is limited only by the quality of the offer. A […]

  • New FX publisher

    This week, Oxegen Media is pleased to announce a partnership with www.fxbootcamp.com as sole representative of their adverising space, financial email marketing list and webinar promotions. FXBootCamp has almost 1m pageviews per month, creating over 300,000 unique visitors per month, with over 60% of visits coming from the USA. Contact us to find out more […]

  • June News

    We have reduced the rates on some of our Lead Generation models in the last few days – contact us now to find out more about how we can help create new Forex accounts for you. Also, our Video Advertising model, built into the back of our proprietary remarketing product, is also now available, offering […]

  • IFX Expo Cyprus

    So, IFX Expo Cyprus is over for another year. Thanks to the usual excellent organisation from Forex Magnates and ConversionPros, it was a very busy IFX Expo Cyprus; this year I believe the numbers were around 1500 attendees, up from circa 900 the previous, inaugural year. If you’ve not attended IFX Expo before, it’s well […]