• LiveCharts

    We’ve been working with LiveCharts.co.uk for over a year now, along with several of the publishers we’ve had on board for over a decade. LiveCharts.co.uk provides timely news and analysis for traders, presenting a great platform for advertisers looking to reach both new and experienced traders.

  • Nicole Henry – not an employee of Oxegen Media

    A contact this morning has made me aware of yet another irritating individual who is trying to pass themselves off as an employee of this business. There is no Nicole employed by Oxegen Media. If you are responding to emails please ensure they are routed to either sales@ or accounts@ or matt@  oxegenmedia.com. They are […]

  • Mathew Scott – Oxegen Media

    I’ve been informed today that someone is purporting to be an employee of this company, selling leads and communicating with people via Skype.   The account name being used is ‘mathewscottoxegenmedia’.   This person is in no way connected to Oxegen Media and you should not conduct business with them. The offending Skype account has […]

  • My Trading Buddy – Advertising Opportunity

    We’re pleased to announce the signing of another new publisher to the Oxegen Retail Trading Network, My Trading Buddy. This is a new, niche site focusing on financial education for traders across the globe. Packed with news, informative articles, social media updates and trading hints and tips from the site’s owner, Paul Bratby. Visit the […]

  • Are you looking for more Forex / FX Leads?

    As part of the various lead generation campaigns for Forex / FX, Futures and Spread Betting that we work with, we frequently come across campaigns that could be performing more strongly. Often, marketeers will come to us with offers that require a fair degree of work before they will pull and generate leads as well […]

  • Email Marketing 101 for Financial Marketeers

    With email marketing, deliverability is at least 50% of the job. After all, it matters not one iota what you write if nobody gets to read it. Now, I’m not talking just about getting past spam filters, although that is a job in itself, and if we knew how to do that all the time, […]

  • Oxegen Media May 2013 Newsletter

    Today, we pushed out our second newsletter to several hundred sources within the B2B Retail Trading Industry. This time around we’ve focused heavily on some recent display advertising innovations, such as 15-second video pre-roll, made available by our excellent proprietary Forex remarketing option, Odyssey, which takes traffic from across our network of sites and allows […]