IFX Expo Cyprus

So, IFX Expo Cyprus is over for another year. Thanks to the usual excellent organisation from Forex Magnates and ConversionPros, it was a very busy IFX Expo Cyprus; this year I believe the numbers were around 1500 attendees, up from circa 900 the previous, inaugural year.

If you’ve not attended IFX Expo before, it’s well worth going. This year there were a range of B2B technology providers for Forex in attendance – tech, liquidity, platforms, support, financial, legal – everything you need to start and run a successful Forex brokerage – and in addition several useful talks by Forex industry professionals on running a brokerage, Cyprus brokers competing on a global scale and more. In fact, it felt to me like almost everyone in FX was at IFX Expo Cyprus – I’m surprised there were any staff left in brokerages to run them!

This year, we had a great result with several of our tried and trusted suppliers, put a load of faces to names that, oddly enough, we’ve dealt with for years but never met (that’s the world of digital advertising for you) and made some new friends. All good stuff.

The next IFX Expo is of course IFX Japan, the first show held there. Currently I’m undecided whether or not we’ll attend – and I have to say this is largely due to the logistics of it. Getting there appears to be a bit of an awkward flight, but I’ll look into additional options. Plus, it’s only a day-long show and it’s a long way to fly for eight hours work.

After that is of course the London Forex Magnates London 2013 Summit, penned in for November 12 2013; more detail at http://forexmagnates.com/forex-magnates-summit-2013/. This, as in 2012, should be another well attended one-day event (IFX Cyprus and IFX Macau this year have both been two days). Oxegen Media will obviously be in attendance at the London 2013 Summit as we’re only fifty minutes from here, based as we are in Cambridge.

Once again, for advertising in Forex, lead generation for FX, display advertising for Forex, and email marketing for FX, speak to us. Our cutting-edge solutions such as Odyssey and Investing.com remarketing products cannot be matched nor offered by any third party and we’re finding great success on the display side of things for FX right now, particularly when best practice is adopted. Just ask Oanda, FXCM, FX Pro, Alpari …