What is Odyssey Audience Extension?

Odyssey is a data pool of specific user types

The data sets available currently include the following, which can be individually selected or as part of a combination, such as Mobile and FX, or Mobile and MT4, Spread Betting and Mobile and so on:

  • Forex Traders:

    • MT4 Users
    • Mobile Users
    • Other Platform Users
  • Spread Betting:

    • Forex
    • Commodities
    • Indices
    • Equities
  • Commodity Traders:

    • Equity Traders
    • CFD Traders
    • Futures and Options Traders
    • Binary Options
  • Financial Traders:

    • Online Gambling (Poker Players, Casino and Sports Book)

100% of visitors are interested in retail trading.

The benefits of this are clear.

Zero Wastage on unqualified visitors.

  • Targeting just the users you want

    60 million available impressions per month to qualified traffic and over 5m uniques.

    With nearly 50 inventory sources, our delivery and targeting tools have access to over 190 billion ad impressions per month. However, targeting just the users you want brings this number down to approximately 60 million available impressions per month to qualified traffic and over 5m uniques.

Our delivery is maximised in Western, Central and Eastern Europe

A recent campaign for a UK Spread betting client has over an 18 day period acquired full live trading accounts at less than £200 per account

Direct Response

This is pure direct response activity and to maximise your conversion we require tracking pixels, which are simple 1×1 pixels, to be implemented on landing pages, application page and thank you pages.

We will supply a minimum of three pixels for your campaign; one for your landing page(s), demo-thank-you and live-thank-you pages, where applicable.

Pixels can be secure or insecure as per requirements.

Creative Requirements

Creatively we can run banners for the following sizes.

Banner sizes
970 x 90 930 x 180 728 x 90 468 x 60
380 x 200 336 x 280 320 x 50 300 x 50
300 x 250 250 x 250 234 x 60 200 x 200
180 x 150 160 x 600 125 x 125 120 x 600
120 x 240

All campaigns must have at least two of the ‘standard’ IAB ad sizes – 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 300 x 250, 468 x 60, 728 x 90

Creative Specifications

  • Animation length: no longer than 30 sec.
  • On all .gif, .swf & HTML5 ads a visible border of a contrasting colour to the majority background colour of the ad must be added.
  • Accepted file types: JPEG, .GIF, .SWF (Flash), DHTML.
  • Cannot contain auto-video, auto-audio, or auto-expandable.
  • Excessive file weight (initial load size bigger than 50K) not allowed (depending on ad dimensions).
  • All Flash ads should support the clickTAG variable.
  • Supports Standard Rich Media.
  • Take Over creative not allowed.
  • Animated GIF ads must have a frame rate no faster than 5 fps.
  • Flash ads must have a frame rate no faster than 18 fps.
  • Ads that shake or have high frequency flicker rates (between 5 – 30 transitions per second) not allowed.
  • Creative cannot be from, or make a call to, an unapproved ad server.
  • Pop ups, surveys or any ad that spawns them not allowed.
  • Colonizing ads that spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original advertising message are not allowed. Ads must open in new tab or new window only.

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