Email campaigns often need to be carefully structured. It’s not just a case of choosing the biggest list and throwing your tired old advert at it, and knowing that you’ll get X response, because that’s what you’ve always had. The most important thing with email marketing is deliverability, because even if you have the best message, it doesn’t matter if nobody gets to read it – i.e if it doesn’t make it to the inbox in the first place, what good is it going to do?

Spam filters, ISP filters, specific keywords, the weight of images versus text all has to be taken into account, and preferably tested via two or three spam testers to check for possible issues.  At the same time, the choice of lists used to promote your message is imperative because choose the wrong audience, and you’ll suffer because of it.

Oxegen have been doing email marketing for some time now and we know it well. If we think something isn’t going to do well, we’ll tell you about it (you can choose not to listen!). We offer a copywriting service as a bolt-on to any campaign and can make tweaks and minor adjustments to your existing copy for free.