FinTech Social Media Management

Digital Marketing for FinTech across a range of social platforms to create audience engagement

Social Media Management for FinTech Brands

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your FinTech Social Media Marketing, make sure you do it with a company who understands the FinTech marketing space. Oxegen have worked in this sector since 2003 and we understand the audience, the product, the techniques needed to ensure a cohesive, on-brand and consistent approach which is key in this space. 

Our strategy for this usually begins with the basics – and that’s a conversation about what it is that you actually want to achieve because brand awareness is a completely different strategy than engagement, and social is pretty much all about engagement. It’s not as simple as posting one piece of content across all platforms because your LinkedIn audience is very different than your Facebook or X audience (still can’t quite get my head around not calling it Twitter….). Chances are, the more ‘photographic’ channels aren’t going to be right for you, but we wouldn’t exclude this without understanding you and your products. 

Drop us a line on the contact page, and we’ll set up a video call and talk it through.