Social Media Management

for Financial Brands

Comprehensive Social Media Management services for the retail trading sector.


Facebook is the cornerstone of any social media management programme. Your page has to match your brand, it has to match your messaging and it must allow users to get in touch with you and know to expect a response within a reasonable timeframe. Not only that, but it’s public so any responses have to managed carefully and directed to appropriate channels. And if you’re a regulated brand, there’s compliance to consider too.


Another one of the cornerstone content providers, Twitter, with it’s newly-improved character count, is useful for creating daily snippets of content to distribute to your user base. These snippets need to be timely from not only a day perspective, but a time perspective, in order to capitalise on your user base.


Instagram is becoming more embraced by financial brands, but for many they simply don’t understand how it works and how to get the best out of the platform. It’s a carefully created process, little steps, to create the right image – because Instagram is all about imagery – of your brand, your products, your service.


The second biggest search engine in the world is an often under-utilised platform for financial brands. Many system sellers and third party product providers either overlook it completely, failing to realise the power of video, or make it so difficult for users to understand that it becomes a pointless exercise. Like Instagram, YouTube should be carefully thought out in order to get the best out of it; not all content will be suitable.