About Oxegen Media

  • For nearly 15 years, Oxegen have been one of the leading ad networks in retail trading.

  • We started our business back in 2003 when the web was still in it’s relative infancy, working as the sales channel for one of the sites that we still represent today, www.trade2win.com. Over time, as web advertising for this sector became more established and developed, other publishers found a need for an outsourced sales channel – and so we began to represent additional sites, email marketing lists and blogs – all of them focused on retail trading.

    Today, we represent less sites than before, but with a focus on quality and performance. To find out more about what we do and how Oxegen can help your financial brand, please get in touch.

We want your advertising campaign to be as successful as you do.

It matters not whether you have £5,000 or $50,000 to spend. Success is paramount, because that way, you’ll come back and renew your campaign, and over time our business relationship will strengthen (If the opposite were true, then we likely wouldn’t have made ten years in this industry). So, we’re here for the long term – you can count on that. We’re not going to disappear into the night with your advertising budget, and it may surprise you to learn that sometimes we even turn business down – there’s little point if we can look at something and know that it doesn’t fit with our audience.If all this fits with what you think you’re looking for, then it’s time to contact us and get the ball rolling.